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How to pronounce my name: SAh-shah CHEW-ah (MP3 / Ogg). If you mispronounce it, don't worry. =) My preferred pronouns are she/her.

“Sacha Chua” can be a little hard to spell, so you can also get to this blog at LivingAnAwesomeLife.com.

About this blog

I can't remember everything. In fact, anything past the last week gets pretty fuzzy. That's why I try to share as much as I can through this personal blog. You'll find notes about sketchnoting, Emacs, visual book reviews, self-tracking, blogging, life, automation, delegation… whatever I'm learning about or whatever I can help other people learn. You can find additional sketches at sketches.sachachua.com.

I post roughly weekly (well, twice: Emacs News, and my weekly review), and someday I'll get back to being able to write more often. Since I write about a wide range of topics, you may want to browse or subscribe to specific categories – or maybe you want to see everything, because the intersections of interests can be fun.

If there's anything you'd like to learn more about, please get in touch – I'd love to hear from you! Maybe we can learn more about things together. =) I might respond slowly, though. Focused time is hard to come by with a kiddo around.

About me

For a quick overview, see my 5-year vision and my three-word philosophy (learn – share – scale). =) I'm currently:

  • mostly focused on taking care of an awesome kiddo
  • writing down snippets because (a) it helps me think more clearly, (b) I'm probably going to need it again, and (c) it may help someone else along the way
  • 39 years old (turning 40 in August 2023), if that helps contextualize things for you
  • … and more, of course

I have also been:

  • A computer science teacher – I loved teaching the introductory courses because I enjoyed convincing freshmen that computer science was actually fun
  • A fire dancer (poi), because my sister taught me and then dragged me along on her professional gigs
  • An open source maintainer of the Planner personal information manager and the Remember module, both for Emacs
  • An open source contributor to projects like Emacs Relay Chat and the Compaq iPaq Linux bootloader
  • … and many other things

Colophon: Tools

I generate static files for this blog using 11ty and host them on a Linode virtual private server. Fonts: Open Sans and a font I made based on my handwriting. Commenting system: Disqus (at least until I figure out what to move to).

I use Emacs and Org Mode for my weekly reviews (and pretty much everything else). I use a SuperNote A5X for many of my recent drawings, and I used Krita on a Lenovo X230 tablet PC for my older ones. In fact, I still use my Lenovo X230 tablet as my main computer.

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You can comment with Disqus or you can e-mail me at sacha@sachachua.com.