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Back in the groove

I had a totally awesome day at IBM today, crunching some data and doing some nifty photocloud visualizations of all the people who had blogged about a certain topic. I sorted it by domain in order to collocate people from the same lab, and resized the photos according to the number of posts they had made, linking each picture to the respective blogs. I then ran the same analysis on their bookmarks. Next week, I'm going to do a 2D plot... =)

It was _tons_ of fun hacking together a little Java program to do the analysis. I had to look up a lot of things in order to do the first program. It took me a while to dump SAX in favor of DOM, but once I'd gotten the XML parsing code out of the way, I wrote the data analysis quickly. My code wouldn't win points for elegance or efficiency, but it works. I wish I had either Ruby or Python on that system - heck, I could do this stuff in Emacs Lisp. I think I'll go install the Windows versions of my favorite programming languages as soon as possible, although I might have to clear it with IBM first.

Today put me firmly back in the programming/hacking camp. I couldn't pry my fingers off the keyboard. =) Mark had to call me to make sure I didn't miss the 3:55 bus. I just had so much fun writing glue code and crunching all the data. In terms of geek stuff, this is where I belong...

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