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Hipster PDA: Month view

Being able to quickly see my schedule for two months totally, totally rocks. My iPAQ didn't have the screenspace for something like that, but my 3x5" pack of index cards with some inserts from an organizer. In particular, aforementioned monthly templates make planning get-togethers so much easier. I can print index cards for these too, but then it'd be a hassle to design the template and print it back-to-back. Anyway, this totally rocks.

(I also had another epiphany earlier: we're actually planning gimmicks! We have a social life! We have a barkada! Nifty. Now I just need to make sure I keep in touch with other people I know, too...)

問題はどうして難局に当たるかである。 The question is how we will bell the cat.

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PIM love

I am completely in love with my latest indispensable personal information management tool:

A 3x5 deck of plain (unruled) index cards.

Seriously. A 3x5 deck of plain index cards and a writing implement like a black gel pen, a black 0.5 Pilot Hi-Techpoint (which just gives me a great feeling) or a Mongol #2 pencil is my geek survival kit.


I can write temporary notes on index cards. It's random-access, so I can flip through things. The plastic neatly holds business cards and folded pieces of paper. If I need to give people information, I can write on new 3x5 cards and give the cards to them—they're tougher than paper, so they won't get lost or crumpled as easily.

I lurv my index cards.

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その猫はもう少しでトラックにひかれそうになった。 The cat came near being run over by a truck.

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