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Fountain pen

I have a new fountain pen, and all is right with the world. It's a Waterman Harmonie with a beautiful red body, some heft, and a fine tip. It's a joy to write with.

I shopped at both Laywine's near Bay Street and Sears in Eaton Centre before settling on this pen. The sales staff at both stores were absolutely wonderful, zeroing on the pens that might fit me. They even joked about trying out the really expensive Mont Blanc pens ("And if you look over here we have a really comfortable pen for around $725") while helping me find a converter-based pen within my price range. The sales clerk who pointed me to the perfect pen also warned me that pens can be an addictive habit: "... then you see another pretty one and you just have to have it, and before you know it, you're buying a case to protect and display the pens..."

It's a lot more expensive than the things I'd usually buy (I bought a $3 plastic tripod from Active Surplus today! =) ), but there's just something about having a good pen...

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Oh no…

I can't find my fountain pen - the burgundy one my father gave me for Christmas, when he took me shopping the day before I flew back to Canada. I last wrote with it in the lab. My research notebook is here, but no pen... Could I have dropped it on the way to the library? But I wasn't carrying anything except for my ID card and my notebook; I didn't need to take notes. I've turned my pockets inside out, searched the pockets of my bag, checked every nook and cranny... I remember noticing that it wasn't with me when I returned to Graduate House, but because I didn't have my research notebook then, I thought I might've left it tucked inside. Waah!

And yes, I know, my fountain pen is one of my guilty pleasures - what luxury when everyone gets by on ballpens and pencils! - but it has an old-school charm about it, and I loved using it...

I'll turn my room upside down later, after my paper. If not, I wonder where I'll be able to find a nice, slim, piston converter pen, preferably a broad-nibbed pen with a burgundy case and some heft...


(And yes, Mark, I'll get back to work on my paper as soon as I get this thing out of my head...)

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