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On disabling right-click disables right-click on its pages. I
suppose it’s to stop people from saving webpages to their hard disk,
but it’s not a very effective way of stopping people from copying
things because people can always highlight text and then copy the text

Disabling right-click punishes power users, though. I can’t easily
bookmark pages using my I can’t copy a link without
visiting it, which means I have to click on the permalink page, move
over to the address bar, and copy the address from there if I’m going
to cite something in my blog. I can’t easily subscribe via .

I’ve seen a Mozilla extension for disabling pesky right-click
disablers, and I think I’ll go install that right now. I could also
always browse the website in w3m or some other text browser.

Disabling right-click is a technological attempt at solving a social
problem, and although it discourages casual users, I don’t think it’s
worth the cost.

UPDATE: The right-click script sassylawyer uses also results in an
error when I middle-click on a link in order to open it in a new tab.
The page loads, but I have to click through a “Sorry, right-click is
disabled.” message. Mrph.

UPDATE: The same site blacklists . ARGH.

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Murphy’s Law

Right after I finished setting up as a coming-of-age gift to myself, I learned that Douglas Johnston is making a website for do-it-yourself planners. Now Douglas Johnston is one of my idols when it comes to organization, and his D.I.Y. Planner series inspired me to go out there and start tweaking my own forms. How can I beat that? Hugely popular, cohesive set of templates, a wiki to support his blog’s community… waah. It’s enough to make a just-turned-22 girl feel small. But hey, maybe I can still do soft goal analysis—must think of a good way to organize that—and if all else fails, I can always use plannerlove to gush about planner-el… =)

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