Must find a way to clean mouse point.

Ah, yes, the wireless card. =) I am a very lucky girl. My parents got me a wireless card for my Christmas gift (in addition to my beautiful subnotebook, of course). One of the things I really like about my parents is that they won't actually wait until Christmas to give it to me, since I can very well use it before then. =) I have clueful parents.

Got my wireless card working. There was a bit of confusion about eth0 and eth1 - turned out to be my fault. Once I had gotten my dhclient all sorted out (I was mistakenly calling it from intuitively, and that turned out to be a Bad Thing), it Just Worked. For reference, I've got a Linksys WPC-11 Instant Wireless card. It's supposed to be a Prism2, so has limited functionality but can act as a wireless access point with the hostap tools. Coverage in Faura is not bad, but I haven't checked other areas for decent signal. Should improve if Dr. Sarmenta manages to get Microsoft to agree to blanket the campus with wireless access points.

Speaking of Dr. Sarmenta... He was in a meeting earlier, so we didn't have ThesisProject class. I want to change advisors. ;)