Aadisht Khanna (http://aadisht.net) and text summarization

Aadisht Khanna is working on text summarization for a school
project. Interesting area. You can drop him a line at
[email protected] if you know anything that might be useful. =)

  • megha

    hi aadisht,

    im megha persuin my btech from pune…….i have taken automated text summarization as my seminar topic…..i’l be really glad if you can provide with good data related to my topic…u can mail me at [email protected]

    will be waiting for your reply


  • Please get in touch with Aadisht directly. Have fun! =)

  • jyoti

    hi adi,
    i have selected text summerization as my academic project, pl help me regrd the same.


  • hi,

    I have selected my m.tech project as text summarization. I want to develop on microsoft .net technologies. I got strucked in finding the summarization algorithm which i can implement. can any one help me plz. thanks in advance