Business book: You Can Negotiate Anything

Today I finished reading Herb Cohen's You Can Negotiate Anything: How to Get What You Want. Its main points were:

  • Almost everything is negotiable.
  • Recognize negotiating tactics and deal with them.
  • Be personal.

I liked how the book listed common negotiation ploys. If I recognize the trick someone's trying to pull on me, I can laugh it off and turn the situation to my advantage. I can also try to avoid the bad negotiation habits I might've picked up as a kid. The book had a lot of good advice.

I think negotiation is a very useful skill that is well worth learning even for techies. I was never keen on negotiating because I didn't like the idea of haggling, but now I see how the process of negotiation can bring out other win-win scenarios that might not have been considered in a straight deal. Negotiation isn't just for project costs or schedule commitments; it's for relationships and day-to-day work as well. Fun stuff.

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