My mom's amazing. Her interest in organizing information helped professionalize the advertising photography industry here in the Philippines. She told me how they exchanged forms with other photographers, sharing with them the format for the cost estimates so that clients would be able to find information easily.

Many of the forms we use haven't been shared with other people in the industry. I wonder when they're going to do another forms exchange to help other photographers learn how to manage their work? I really admire the way my mom keeps looking for ways to improve the workflow. Now we're getting client call reports from the account executives. Way cool!

I want to get into that sort of stuff. I want to learn how to identify the kind of information we need to capture and design the forms to make it easier for people to write things down. My mom's still working on finding a balance between asking for too little and too much information. People skip fields if the form asks for too much information. Hmm...

US laws say that blank forms aren't protected by copyright because the forms do not contain information in themselves. I wonder what our laws say? Anyway, this is cool stuff. I want to do things like the D.I.Y. Hipster PDA templates...

何社製のコンピューターをお使いですか。 What make of computer do you use?

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