What’s this? I’ve been fooled!

My stationery envelope doesn’t have any adhesive! It’s not a
lick-and-seal envelope! I’ve been fooled!

I don’t have any stickers handy. =( I should go out and get a pack of
nice stickers tomorrow.

2 responses to “What’s this? I’ve been fooled!”

  1. Eugenie says:

    Hi Sacha,
    Perhaps the adhesive-less envelopes were designed for old-fashioned sealing wax! Remember that? The kind you use with beautiful monogram seals?

    I enjoy reading your random posts. Do you still receive comments on your old posts?


  2. Sacha Chua says:

    Yes, I apparently do still receive comments on my old posts. <grin>That’s why I stuck a “Random posts” box on the sidebar – who knows what associations might come up? Also, on each post’s page, you’ll find links to other posts written on the same day. Yet more random connections… =)

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