Argh, keycaps

A book fell off my shelf and knocked off the keycap for 4. It also
dislodged the keycap for T (Y under my Dvorak layout). This is going
to be a pain unless I can find the missing keycap and fix the one
that’s a little bit off…

  • Woohoo, another Dvoraker! Where do we all come from?

    How do Dvorak and Emacs work together? I’m not a power user of Emacs (nor even Vi) and was told that someone with Emacs shortcuts hardwired into their hands could never change…

  • Some people rewire their Emacs shortcuts. (You can do that.)

    I don’t bother. For some reason, I find it relatively easy to go between QWERTY and Dvorak layouts. It’s all about muscle memory, I guess. I prefer to be on Dvorak, but I can use QWERTY keyboards without much drop in speed (although with a bit of a spike in annoyance because my hands then feel a little less balanced).

    One time, I’d accidentally set one window to QWERTY and one window to Dvorak. (I was in Windows and I’d triggered the change-keyboard-layout shortcut without noticing.) I had to remember which layout was associated with which window, but after a few keystrokes, I was fine. =)

    Don’t worry about it. Some keyboard shortcuts will be less optimal, but I actually like using two hands to do C-x instead of trying to contort my left hand… =)