Backlog: TLUG

I caught the tail end of the Toronto Linux Users Group get-together at the GSI pub last Tuesday, and I'm really glad I went. I chatted with Colin McGregor about writing for journals, and received a lot of encouragement from him, Drew, and Maureen. I also chatted with a bunch of the other regulars. =)

I like going to those meetings, and I feel very much welcome there. Now that I've made friends, I don't have to worry about drooling fanboys or whatever because my friends will take care of things. I love it when I can sit down and drop into a conversation, when people smile when they see me and draw me in, when they joke... =) It's almost like being home, almost like being in PLUG.

And hey, Drew's totally cool now. =) Thanks to Bill for asking him to be nice to me, and thanks to Maureen for being an absolutely wonderful person...

I like this group. I'll go again next month.

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