Kathy’s May Day mayday!

My sister always writes hilarious invites for her parties. She's really got flair. Here's the latest one, with some details blocked out with "SHH!SECRET!" for privacy.

My darling capybaras - or more formally - dear friends:

It's a long weekend, that won't be too long for the people here at Adphoto. Work came in for Saturday and Sunday (we're happy to be working!). Nonetheless, Monday is a holiday so for those of you stuck in Manila, we must celebrate ;) Besides, why would you want to miss out on all the fun?


CAPYBARA* NIGHT II: May Day, mayday! (or will it be May Day Melee? Time will tell, but if you trust us, you can bring a friend ;) ) 1 May 2006 (monday)

(Address removed)

RSVP: Monday morning at 11 - (email and phone number removed)

Start: Staggered, depending on your personality type. ;)

Dinner served at 7:30

Expect to finish by 10:30

What the heck is a capybara? Think of a guinea pig, make it 3 ft tall. That's a Capybara. Think of an experimental dish, you're the test subject... you're a capybara! ;)


Following the success of the last CBN we've decided to do a follow up.



Pumpkin - Curry soup & Pappadams (tried and tested, we just need to look for a new blender. The last one crashed on my foot, cementing one of our new HSE house rules. Wear shoes when cooking, the other one would be - cook beside a fire extinguisher :) - I'm kidding! I'm kidding! *<:o) )

Main Course:

Chicken with Prosciutto (bacon), Cherry tomatoes, and Asparagus.
I honestly don't know what it's called, and can't find the recipe (hence, mayday). I saw it on Discovery Channel though, Jamie Oliver rocks!!!! It looks simple, easy and mouth-watering. For those of you who live alone (and drink a lot!) it might be worthwhile for you to come and experiment with us. It's a one person dish and all you need is a stove and a can of wine or a glass of beer. We'll figure out the recipe and you can check it out on Claire's blog (Happy eclair, I don't know her surname) or Sacha's wiki (sacha chua of course) (don't know where they are, google it or click here. Unless someone wants to help me document capybara night, and we can put up a capybara blog.

Hybrid Risotto
I don't know if it's the real deal, but I promise you it tastes great and is easy enough to make alone. (Might actually be a risotto/ pilaf hybrid). Same risotto we've served in the last couple of years of CN (carnivore night).

c/o The Shy Ones (they're bringing the goods)


Here's the thing. THIS IS NOT MASS MAIL.... well not really. Okay, it's well thought out mass mail.

If you got this invite from me, please know that I've carefully considered the guest list, and I'm pretty sure you'll get along with the people who are coming. (if you don't live in the Philippines, then I thought you might find this funny, or get an idea for your next party) If you have a funny friend you'd like to bring, pass the message on. Ask them to email me for security clearance and psychological test. If they pass, we'll give them a sticker (e.g. Hi I'm Pedro, what's yours? ;) ).

If you got this invite from a friend of mine (or a friend of a friend) then they think highly enough of you to bring you along (I was kidding about the sticker and the psych test, but email me anyway so I know who you are. Remember to behave and bring your sense of humor. You are not gatecrashing, you are welcome! Read on!

Brilliant (or hungry) Marcelle who BTW requested to hold the CBN follow-up, suggested that guests pitch in with the dinner production so it becomes cost effective for the host (me) and so we can hold it more often (Yay!). Following this month's raid at the Bombproof store, and getting axed with taxes, I heartily agree. :)

So how does it work?


just for dinner (be here by 7 if you want to be a Capybara)
There are those among us who are either really shy or really busy. It's okay, you don't have to be there while we attempt to cook. Dinner will be served at 7.30pm. You can bring us ready-made appetizers, salad, something to drink or dessert. It's just fair. :) For those of you who feel like they'd fall under this category. Please reply to this email with SHY CAPYBARA under the subject category. It would be wonderful to see you still don't worry.

coming to cook for dinner
And learn a new dish too! Be here by 5:30 pm. Please reply to this email with CAPYBARA CHEF under the subject category. We will email you which ingredient to bring. If you can't make it to that time, SMS us EARLY (number removed) so we can go into crisis-resolution mode and swing by the supermarket. (Kinda hard to make a chicken recipe without the chicken)

coming to shop
All aboard! We're taking a field trip to the nearest supermarket and deli. Bring Php. 200 - 300, we'll all pitch in for dinner (the more, the many-er! ;) ) Please be here by 3 pm. We need to get organized. Please reply to this email with SHOPPING CAPYBARA under the subject category. See you here

requiring Environmental/ Behavioral Enrichment
Find yourself pacing lately? Or engaging in stereotypical/ self destructive behaviors (plucking hair/ nail-biting). Come and be enriched. I'll make you a puzzle feeder for dinner. ;) some ideas

Either that or you just really miss me, which is fine. :) Yeah, yeah, you can come to the house as early as you want (after 10 am... otherwise you'll meet a grumpy monkey.) Bring your favorite DVD (Marcelle, nothing too cheesy), your favorite set of clothes, or a board/bored game. We'll figure out what to do with you when you get here.

Whew! That was a long invite....

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you here!

Warmest regards,

Kathy Chua
Head Capybara

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