Planning an ice cream party

| party

I'd like to hold an ice cream party on Saturday to celebrate the Delta
Kappa Gamma fellowship, spring, and other wonderful things. It'd also
be good to get together and talk about summer plans, particularly as
international students will soon be allowed to work off-campus. I've
got my summer all planned already – I'll be spending it at IBM working
on my research – but it would be good to hang out with other people
and figure out this funny thing called life.

It'll be a bit of a squeeze (understatement!) to hold this in my
suite. The common room's probably the best place. I won't have access
to the fridge, though, so the ice cream will be all melted… Hmm.
What's the best way for me to go about doing this? I need some
party-planning help.

Oooh, I should plan a halo-halo party for summer, too. It's so weird
here – their summer starts in _June_…

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