More thoughts about what I want to do with my life

Here's a sketch of what I want to do:

I want to help people connect with people through social software.

That's a very broad goal. What does it mean?

What do I want to do?

I want to help people make sense of technology. I want to help them figure out which tools they should try out and how those tools fit into their ways of working. I want to help them bring the tools into their culture and adapt the tools to their needs. I want to help people look at the big picture and see how everything fits together. I want to help people look at the leaves on the trees and figure out how to make the most of each piece.

I'm particularly interested in technology that helps people relate with people. I'm interested in ways for people to discover other people and other resources, share their insights with others, and organize things for themselves.

Why is that a good fit for me?

I'm good at keeping track of technology news, which makes it easy for me to recommend something that fits a situation. I also like collecting and sharing productivity tips.

I enjoy speaking, writing, teaching, evangelizing, and all these other ways to help people learn.

Most of all, I love listening and drawing people out. I love learning people's vocabularies and telling them stories about other people's successes and failures, helping them imagine their own success. I love stepping into someone's shoes and figuring out which tools might be useful. I love coming up with ways for people to slowly make new tools part of their lives.

What do I need to learn next?
  • I know about the tools. I need to learn about organizational behavior, organizational change, information technology diffusion, and technology adoption.
  • I know how to spread enthusiasm. I need to also learn how to communicate solid business benefits.
  • I know how to set a few things up. I need to become more familiar with the different technologies so that I can prototype them quickly and show how everything fits together.
  • I know a few people in different areas. I need to develop a rich, wide directory of consultants and companies who can implement particular solutions.
What's my next step?
  • Continue with my research at IBM, which is exactly in line with this anyway.
  • Make another speech at Toastmasters, then another and another.
  • Meet other people who are working in the same or similar area. Talk to them, ask them for help figuring out this passion of mine, and see if I can do anything to help.

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