Tango thoughts

I was surprised to run into Victor Hugo, Carlos, and Israel - all from Tango Passion. I felt guilty about skipping tango! Once you stop, well, it's hard to get back on, and the last tango session I had didn't go so well. I enjoy dancing with people who, well, dance me, who care more about the conversation of rhythm and motion than about dancing a dance or showing their technique. As much as I appreciate people trying to teach me cool stuff on the dance floor - and there are some people who can do that well, adding one or two new tricks as part of our dance - I remember being rather frustrated by people who'd keep pushing me to do this one thing, or they'd try all sorts of advanced stuff and be frustrated when I don't quite follow.

Oh, and being told that I'm too intense, that I smile too much - I suppose that does make sense in tango's traditional poses, but I like focusing on people, not floors. I dance with my eyes, too. It's not that I'm getting my cues from them, but I like having the occasional connection. I can dance with my eyes closed, and I love that feeling of trust as well. Still... =b

It's a pity, as I really did enjoy the contact. Socially sanctioned, wouldn't be misinterpreted, safe... <laugh> It wasn't just that, either. It was really just being able to follow, to listen, to be the instrument that another person dances through...

Maybe I should try dancing again. After all, I still have my shoes...

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A good dance is like playing a good song, once you get into the groove your mind comes into the present and you just become the dance or song.

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