Fireworks and hot chocolate

Jed told me about fireworks out at Ashbridge’s Bay. They were
delightful. Yes, nothing like the grand spectacle of the World Pyro
Olympics held in Manila shortly before I left for Canada, but standing
on a beach and surrounded by all these flares and sparklers was a new
experience. Besides, anything involving pretty explosions is always

We brought picnic stuff along – a mat, an umbrella, even some snacks –
but were too entranced by the flashy stuff to remember to sit, much
less eat anything.

Wonderful conversation afterwards over hot chocolate at a Portuguese
cafe near Dufferin. =) I really enjoyed that, and I look forward to
our next conversation. (We forgot about the oranges then, too. And
they were mandarins, too! My favorite…)

Random Japanese sentence: テーブルに猫の足跡が付いている。 There are footprints of a cat on the table.