My parents and my sister have moved into the house in Alabang, and it was so good to hear from them this morning. They're on dialup, so Skype voice quality wasn't really good - terrible lag! We switched to instant messaging instead. It was great reconnecting.

The new place is just fifteen minutes away from work if there's no traffic on the Skyway. My dad's happy to be there, and my mom finds it so peaceful. I'm glad they moved!

Also, welcome to Ginger, our new puppy! Now I will have to remember to say that we have _three_ dogs, two cats, one lovebird, and one elephant... ;) (Well, the elephant isn't really ours, but she's wonderful.)

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Random Japanese sentence: 突然、猫の鋭い叫び声が私たちに聞こえた。 All of a sudden, we heard the sharp cry of a cat.