Being my age

When Dave Brown was in Toronto last weekend, he insisted on taking me shopping for clothes. He picked out things I would never have tried myself: a cropped top, a black asymmetric tube, shorts around the same length as the miniskirt my sister gave me... <laugh> Although I was initially quite hesitant about wearing things like that, they turned out to be quite fun. (I still prefer skirts to pants or shorts.) "Now you look more like your age," Dave said.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that I'm just turning 23 this August. I don't need to have my career figured out yet. I don't even need to have people figured out yet, either. Such a liberating thought! <laugh> I can take risks. I can explore. I can screw up and recover (for the most part).

I really appreciate how many people around me are either going through similar issues or can remember and empathize. Wisdom can't be taught, after all. Wisdom can only be learned, and I'm glad I have all these opportunities to experience so many aspects of life _and_ people with whom I can share those experiences.

I'm really glad things worked out the way they did, and I'm looking forward to the future. =)

Random Japanese sentence: テーブルの上には猫がいた。 On the table there was a cat.