Did my dishes, went to the circus festival

Kathy would've loved the Toronto International Circus Festival. =D Poisters, diabolists, jugglers, unicyclists, etc. Cool stuff!

Also, I managed to get all of my dishes done in record time. The usual order - glassware, cutlery, saucers + bowls + plates - works perfectly with a double sink and would probably have worked even better with the triple sink like the one in Linux Caffe. =) Kudos to my mom for teaching me how to wash dishes effectively. We had this entire assembly line thing going with my sisters and me: prerinse, soap, rinse. Prerinsing with a dishcloth totally works because then soaping is ridiculously easy. Also, Corelle dishes dry practically interesting. It is t3h c00l.

Random Japanese sentence: 彼女がドアを開けるやいなや猫が走り出た。 No sooner had she opened the door than a cat ran out.