Why the Philippines? A story that needs to be told

A chance encounter with Daniel Chmielewski at BarCampEarthToronto led to a conversation about the Philippines and an introduction to Kevin Beckford, one of Dan's friends who is in the Philippines right now. I asked him how he ended up in Cebu, and he said:

I came here from Hong Kong, I was doing a contract there. While there, I could not help but notice the filipinas in causeway bay. Upon talking to them, I noticed that they all seemed to really love the philippines. I said: "What the hell am I doing in Hong Kong, which I am not fond of, when everyone I meet from this country loves it?" So i came here to cebu and just lived here... did some offshore contracts for cash and now i'm (weeps) getting ready to leave. I do work with php/perl/java/groovy ( php as little as possible ) and some admin things. I am currently hacking drupal code right now YES NOW because I'm trying to get something working according to my desire.
I'll really miss this place though. If I had known it was this good, i would have targeted here instead of just dropping in for the year. Ah well. Who knows what the future holds ?

These are stories that need to be told.

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