Raising life by the power of two

When two people share an incredible experience, that experience is not multiplied by two, but rather raised by the power of two. It more than doubles - it's squared! A 10 doesn't become 20 - it becomes 100, or even more. Why?

Because shared experiences become stories that are told over and over again.

On page 79 of "Work the Pond" (Darcy Rezac) is a powerful example of how to build an incredible experience and get a story told not ten times, but a thousand times. The Navy invited opinion leaders to understand what the Navy does and to tell the Navy's story. They put together a fantastic experience involving landing aboard and taking off from an aircraft carrier and hanging out of top-gun pilots. But they didn't just arrange this spectacle for the opinion leaders - they were smart enough to include the spouses as well. This meant that instead of the experience becoming, "Oh, no, not the carrier story again!", it became a treasured story to be told over and over again.

I remember a story my parents told me about giving people incredible experiences. My parents understood that if you're going to give someone an Experience with a capital E, that experience would be magnified even more if they had someone to share it with. If they were the only ones to, say, go on a helicopter flight, the stories would wear thin or be almost unbelievable. If they had one friend along, though, the stories would go on and on, growing more exciting with each memory.

I've seen that among friends, too. Driving around town with the Katz brothers was *amazing*. They completed each others' sentences, refreshed each others' memory, built up each other's energy. Reliving memories with my barkada (close group of friends) brings back the fun and the laughter. (Peppy, remember all the ice cream we had after I worked on your computer?)

I really appreciate being able to share all these experiences with people. I think that's one of the coolest things about having long relationships, and I'm looking forward to enjoying that even more with my family and my friends.

Anyway. If you want to make something really special for someone, make it possible for them to share the experiences and the stories with at least one other person. =) "Remember when..." are such powerful words!

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