Competition and cooperation

JJ Ferro pointed out this inspiring story of how technology can make a difference and how competitions can lead to cooperation.

Challenge finalists team up to aid typhoon victims One of the great benefits of participation in the Challenge is the sense of community and mutual trust that develops among the finalists especially. That sense of belonging is the basis of a collaboration between two of the 2006 finalists

When a typhoon hit the Philippine province of Bicol in early December 2006, challenge finalist Jay Vincent Plaza of HotCity Wireless wanted to help, but, while he knew how to deploy wireless networks to replace the damaged telecommunications infrastructure, he needed tools to connect donors, volunteers and victims to solve the many problems that had arisen.

As a finalist in the 2006 Awards Jay remembered another finalist, a disaster response project from the Health category that had an application for exactly that purpose.

That's the best story I've ever heard about competition. =)

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