Planner and Org

As part of my research for WickedCoolEmacs, I'm exploring Org, the PIM that's now built into Emacs 22. I like the way it handles outlines, and the remember templates are handy too. I also like the dynamic agenda views.

I miss some things about Planner, though. I miss the way I can just move tasks around in Planner, grouping them together as I organize my day. I miss the way it was easy to publish a day view that included my tasks and my notes. I miss little conveniences like +2tue . Maybe I can hack some of those in. I want to avoid turning org into something it isn't, though.

I need to find people who live org and how they do it. John Wiegley's excellent blog post on using org-mode as a day planner is a good start. Who else is a power user of org? Must read the mailing list to find the tips and tricks people have shared...

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