Finding ways to IBM

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Looking at , it seems that I have a couple of ways to get up to 3600 Steeles Ave E, Markham:

  • Take the subway to Yonge and then the 53 bus to IBM. Get off at Pharmacy Ave. and walk to IBM.
  • Take the subway to a train station, then the GO train to Milliken, then the 53 bus west a couple of stops. Requires the GO train.

The general impression I get is that taking public transit up there
sucks horribly. It’s close to 8200, so I might be able to hitch a ride
with W-, but I’ll need a way of getting up there on my own as well.
Makes me wish I’d started my driver’s license process sooner.

First, I need to find a carpool. Second, I need to test ways of
getting up there by TTC. Third, if it means spending three to four
hours commuting each day (sniff!), then I need to find productive ways
to spend that time. That’s a _lot_ of time.

Hmm. Some hauling may be required. I should ask Gabriel what his
commute’s like.

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