More writing is possible

2And hey, stuff like this gives me hope and something to stretch for. =)

Is 5,000 words per day Possible? « EK’s Star Log577

Nope, neither; just writers. Writers who write for a living (ie they get paid to write in order to put food on the table and buy clothes for thier kids), write a lot and write a lot every day. For them, 10,000 words a day is just more of the same old same old, because they’d be writing 10,000 words per day even if they were not here on NaNo.

  • Charo

    Yes, dear. It is very much possible to write 10,000 words a day. Provided that you’re not doing anything else but that. :)

    Right now I’m doing an average of 2200 words a day. Then again, I’m writing in chunks of at-least-315-word articles at about seven per day.

    Hope you’re doing well, dear. Have a happy new year! :)

  • You know, I think that it is unnecessary to write 5k or 10k words… The more lapidary you will, the better for articles.

    P.S. Thanks for interesting blog.

  • CarrollCharo, is that when the pro-blogging life will get you? Not bad. <laugh> Maybe I’ll look into that in the future. =)

    virens: You’re right, it’s not just about the quantity. Editing is good, too. And experiencing other things in life, of course!

    You’re welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting. =)

  • Just curious, what keyboard do you use to write all of these words? I’m still on the quest for the perfect one, as my recent-model Microsoft Natural and my Happy Hacking both seem ‘close but not quite’.

  • I type at about 90 wpm on either the Dvorak or QWERTY keyboard layouts on an IBM Thinkpad keyboard. I should measure my speed on my ultraportable too, although I hardly use that for typing these days. I’m also experimenting with speech recognition, which should be interesting. The bottleneck for me is my brain, although speech is intriguing because it lets me get all my thoughts out first without even thinking about typing…

    No fancy keyboards over here, can’t be bothered to tote them around or be confined to one place. =)

  • Charo – HAH. Serves me right for using speech recognition. I’ll teach it to spell your name in the future.

  • Charo

    HAH! That’s why proofreaders still have jobs! :D

    I’m not problogging actually. Just a regular writer for a contact somewhere in the US. I’ve also started proofreading as well. Although if everything works out, I might start writing for another blog. Nothing solid yet. :)

  • I got a backlink comment telling me you’ve tagged my blog. I had to stop by and say thanks for the link!

    And yes, as quoted in your post, I do in fact often write well over 10k a day, that’s how I finished my first NaNo of 2008 in 3 days, and went on to write 4 more NaNo’s during last years contest, for a grand total of 278k in 30 days. I write short stories, how to books, online articles, comic book scripts, plays, blogs, and once in a while a few novels. I didn’t start out writing 10k words a day though, I wrote my first book in 1978, a 16 page children’s picture book. I didn’t start writing high word counts until in the late 1980’s, and than it was more like 3k a day. I guess you could say the more years I was writing the longer my writing became, and the faster I was typing. So, in other words, it took me 30 years of practice to get to the point where I was writing 10k a day.

    I’m actually glad to hear that I could be your inspiration. 2009 will be my 5th year at NaNo, I look forward to seeing you there once again.