Sketchblogging with the Nintendo DS Lite


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  • Miguel

    I’ve nothing to say, but I’m obliged to comment on any Nintendo-related entries from people I know.

  • Victoria

    would any one of you know wat the DS in nintendo ds lite means? would appreciate an answer…thans

    • According to Wikipedia, it stands for “Developers’ System” and “Dual Screen”.

  • This looked very cool (after I searched around to work out what R4 DS and DS Colors were). But the DS only supports WEP! eek. I guess I won’t be going down this road any time soon. Shame a PSP doesn’t have the touchscreen though.

  • I picked up this reference from Andy Piper talking about you sketchblogging. Maybe now I’ll find a good use for my Wacom bluetooth… If only I could clear some space on my desk.

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  • chakrur41

    I love that sketching it looks good :)

    @ andy piper

    PSP doesn’t have a touch screen but still they have a very good control pad which ceases the need for a touch screen.

    (EDIT: Removed obvious advertising from comment link. Please don’t use my blog for SEO. =) )