Lego Star Wars

I was really going to spend some more time writing today. I’d gotten to 1083 words already. Then we discovered the joys of Lego Star Wars.

Now I have to tell you, it’s interesting playing a Star Wars game with someone who had only watched Episode 3 and who referred to R2-D2 as “the guy who goes beep beep beep”. It was Lego, though, and we were laughing out loud at the cut scenes. Then to work, clearing levels and solving puzzles. We moved with military precision–

“Ack! Stop killing me!”

“I want to be the guy with brown hair!” (J- liked playing Obi-Wan Kenobi.)

“If you shake the plants, you get more studs!” (The game encourages you to destroy everything in sight, and a few things that aren’t.)

–or at least with the precision that blindfolded conscripts would have on their first day of service. But we got through the first few levels, and we eventually got the hang of things.

Much to the detriment of my Emacs-related writing. So much for discipline and organization… but that was fun. I tell myself that it’s an investment–yeah, that’s  right, an investment, helping J- learn how to work quickly and calmly in stressful conditions, tactical planning, and coordination… Riiiight.

Okay, it was just fun. =)

Tomorrow: Chat with people (I’ll be on Skype and Yahoo at 9:00 EST, although I’ll probably be busy catching up with my parents), some more writing (I will finish that article), maybe a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum (J- wants to go), and either more writing or some reading…

And then more play!

<R2-D2 whistle>

  • Peppy

    is this for the DS? it’s really great for productivity, isn’t it? :p

  • Yes. In my defense, I do occasionally use the DS to listen to work-related podcasts… ;)

  • How is this for the DS? I recently picked it up for the PS3 and it’s a bit like crack. How such a simple idea can be so incredibly entertaining is mystifying, but I am definitely enjoying the heck out of it.

  • It is *evil.* It’s fun doing the Force gestures with your thumb and using the shoulder buttons to switch between characters, and multiplayer mode is much more fun than playing with the computer.