Library book reminder script – Perl geeking required

W- and I borrow lots of books from the library. This script helps keep order in the house by reminding us when either of us have books that are due. I’ve removed our information from it and have made no efforts to make it user-friendly. Perl geeking required.


(It’s really a .pl. Can’t be bothered to mess around with forcing content type at 1:10 AM…)

Here’s the one that generates the RSS file that’s pulled into the right sidebar of my blog:



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  • Raymond Zeitler

    Fortunately our library system provides e-mail reminders! Maybe you can help them set that up so that other patrons can benefit. Perhaps they’ll even let you add “Provided by” to the e-mail reminder tagline!

  • Cool!

    Do they do e-mail reminders for other people in your household, too? =)

  • Claudine

    There’s also Elf, which can combine reminders from multiple libraries. It does supposedly allow family/household accounts but I haven’t used this feature. Is your library listed?

  • Claudine, you are _awesome._

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