Weekly review – Week ending February 24


  • mom

    What do you use for drawing? I have a short anecdote to tell and it must come illustrated, even with just stick drawings – which is all I am capable of doing. Just tell me the brand and model name and other specs and I will look for it here in Makati. I’m sure it’s available here, and if not, I can always order it.

  • Get a Nintendo DS and I’ll take care of all the rest when I get there. Do you need it before our trip there? =) I’d love to see you sketch. I have fun doing it.

  • Yay Drupal! You keep this up, you might just 1-up me ;)

    These sketches of yours are really inspirational. Perhaps not this one, but others with more profound thoughts really are. It’s nice to know that other people are dealing with the same kind of problems I am (now if only I could come up with the solution!).

    You’ve inspired me, Sacha. I want to start sketching too; it’s been a while since I’ve last picked up a pencil and just let myself doodle thoughtlessly.
    And I’d like a way to do so to I can share it electronically, but I don’t want a DS, because I know I’ll get distracted by its gaming capabilities. Is there a way to do this using a different device? I might get an iPod touch (or iPhone) if I’m able to “sketch” with that—though it might be slightly more difficult since I’d be using my finger instead of a stylus. Anyways, let me know.

    Hope you’re having fun in The Philippines!