Faster mail with Emacs

I spent a few minutes getting offlineimap to synchronize my Gmail messages with dovecot, an IMAP server on my laptop. I also set up Gnus to work with the messages. Now I’m having fun speeding through my inbox. I don’t know why, but my text-based terminal seems a lot zippier and a lot easier to work with than Gmail… =)

I’m glad I’m back to doing my mail in Emacs!

  • Christopher Giroir

    So do you have Gnus reading the mbox (or other) local mail files, or connecting with it’s imap handling to the local imap server?

  • I also use offlineimap but just sync up to Maildir folders locally, which seems to work much faster than IMAP with Mutt. (I tried Gmail, couldn’t stand it, and gave it up, since I’m used to editing headers in the same editor window as the body.)

  • Would it be possible for you to detail your set up?

    I’m having a heck of a time connecting to my IMAP server at work via gnus. It just hangs forever. I’d like to know how someone got it working.

  • AlexJB

    i’ve not yet found a web-based email interface which allows me to process mail faster or more efficiently (or more comfortably) than emacs, but i’ve been using ViewMail (aka VM) for ten years or more. it’s development was recently taken over by someone new and it’s getting updates again!

    have you ever compared VM side by side with gnus? i’ve used gnus for NNTP, but not yet for email.

  • I took over the development of VM in Nov 2009. (So I am not the “someone new” mentioned by AlexJB in the above post.)

    VM version 8.1.0 is in beta release and it does IMAP pretty well. The offline operation is still a bit clunky, but it will become smoother in 8.1.1.

    I welcome all Emacs folks to try it out!