Welcome to my new host!

If you see this, you’re on my new webhost. Hooray! =)

This will be a little shaky for the next few days as I move more things over, but things should be much more zippy now. Next steps: get my domain name sorted out, then move my non-blog content over.

Thanks for your patience!

  • Noorul


    Where did you host?

    What is the price range?

  • Following Larry’s suggestion, I got myself up and running on Slicehost yesterday, and I’m working out all the kinks now. (256 MB gets used up quickly!)

    If you’re looking for something similar, I’d love it if you used this referral link to Slicehost or mentioned [email protected] in the signup referral box. $20/month for a virtual private server isn’t so bad… =)

  • Your previous post was very timely, as I too went looking for a new host over the weekend. I looked at the options your commenters suggested, and went with Fused Network ( http://www.fusednetwork.com/shared.php ). Their servers are in Chicago, but admin is here in Toronto.

    Bluehost ( http://www.bluehost.com ) looked pretty good as well.

  • I have been thinking about hosing on my own so I could have more control over the design of my blog but … I don’t have enough of a readership to justifiy the cost. Or maybe I have that backward. Maybe I would have more of a readership if I had a design that did not say “mee too”.