Hello, I’m Sacha Chua! (Self-introduction and sitemap in verse)

Inspired by Dr. Doolittle, Animaniacs, and the Slideshare World’s Best Presentation Contest, I present to you my self-introduction/sitemap… in verse! =) It was fun to make, and I hope it makes you smile. =)

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World’s Best Presentation Contest
I’d love to see how far this… err… sketchy style of presentations can go. =)

Here’s the text:

Hello, I’m Sacha Chua and I’m really pleased to meet ya.
How can I assist ya? I would love to find out how.

So what can I connect you to? Ideas that would help you through?
Some tools, perhaps, to help you do the thing you’re working on right now?

Are you changing your bulletin boards and stickies, your e-mail and Notes twisties
for bookmarks, blogs, and wikis? I can help you strategize.

Are you looking for a presentation ’bout Web 2.0 and my generation?
(It has caused a small sensation–all this interest in Gen Ys!)

If you’re also into Drupal and you’re searching for something useful,
then I hope, my fellow pupil, that I’ve written what you need.

Are you an Emacs fan at home with M-x plan
and all that Emacs can? You’ll like my Emacs feed.

Are you looking for a book that’s worth a second look
and some time in a nook? We might see eye-to-eye.

Can I teach you what I learned from the pancakes that I burned?
(Too late the things were turned!) For my notes, read CookOrDie.

I’m a person full of passion (and a hacker of some fashion).
I reflect and I take action, and it’s all there on my page.

There are few things I’ve not written (even times that I’ve been smitten,
and my darling psycho kitten) because all the world’s a stage.

There’s more in my six years of blogging hopes and fears
and laughter, anger, tears–and there’ll be more to come!

I’d love to hear from you, your thoughts–and comments too.
Thanks for clicking through. I hope you’ve had some fun!

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  • Did I just hear your voice?

  • Yup, that’s me! =)

  • That’s a delightful presentation!

    When I was part of a job seekers group, one thing we worked on was a brief “About Me” line. The idea was that you meet a prospective employer and respond competently to “Tell me about yourself,” or, “What do you do for work?”

    This is too long for that, but you could play it at the start of a long, informal training session.

    One thing, though — on my system, the visual part preceded the audio by about half a verse.

    So now that you’ve gotten that out of your system, are you going to work more on your Emacs book? :)

  • Hey Sacha..

    I landed up here through your slide on slideshare and I must say that I find your blog quite delightful. I am a bookworm too so that was one reason fro me to explore your blog. I have tried one of your reccos already : “Drawing Comics is Easy!” It was cool, to say the least :-)

    Would love to follow your posts…!


  • Mark

    I came across your site through some posting you made on PLUG. Plus we went to the same school I believe.

    I find your slideshare to be quite amusing. It has a Dr. Suess feel to it. Good work!

  • Hey Sacha, I found this on slideshare and traced it back to your website. Very entertaining. Also, an interesting way to illustrate your creativity to the world. You are one clever cookie.

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