Weekly report: week ending July 11, 2008

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Lots of progress and lots of connection – good week!

  • More progress on the Drupal project. It’s starting to really come together! You’d never guess it from the length of my bug list, but we’re getting close to the finish line. Also–there might be another Drupal project in the line-up, hooray!
  • On Wednesday, I had lunch with the other recent hires in the AS Foundations group. I brought up the idea of having a movie night for the new Batman movie.
  • New hire evangelism: I mentioned the internal biz.newhire forum to a couple of people from various new hire networks. Looking forward to making it a place for conversations.
  • A couple of terrific conversations with people about various
    collaborative initiatives around IBM made me feel warm and fuzzy about
    having the opportunity to contribute something.
  • I braved my first kerfluffle about interpersonal communications at work. A colleague’s (good-natured) teasing had made me feel a little uncomfortable, so we sorted that out. All’s well that ends well.
  • I spent three hours at the gym last Tuesday, doing yoga, bag/fitness, and krav maga level 1. Fitter than I used to be! =)

Next week is another presentation gauntlet: four unique presentations given a total of eight times! Yikes! I hope to not only survive this gauntlet, but to do it in style. After all, it’s fantastic that I have all these opportunities to share what I’m learning. It’ll be a challenge to maintain my enthusiasm and passion throughout the four repeats of a single presentation, but if I can do that, then I’ll be ready for a whole lot more.

Stay tuned!

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