Might need to spend more time hanging out with Emacs geeks =)

This is dreadful. I’ve made no progress on my book, and I’ve noticed that it has steadily crept down my list of priorities. I suspect it has a lot to do with the kinds of people I hang out with and the kinds of places I hang out. ;)

I used to hang out in irc.freenode.net#emacs a lot, and I used to frequently check the RecentChanges page of http://www.emacswiki.org. Both were great sources for Emacs questions and answers, and they often inspired me to go and write blog posts sharing what I discovered.

Lately, I’ve been hanging out with Drupal geeks and social networking geeks–hence all the blog posts about Drupal and technology evangelism. This is because of work, and so my blog posts are about things I’m learning at work. My Emacs use is down to reading mail, reading news, and managing my day. I still use it every day, but I’m not doing a lot of development in it. (Hmm, maybe that’s something else I can set up.)

Maybe I should start writing from the front of the book instead – basic Emacs stuff, leading up to more advanced tips…

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  • Charles Cave

    Don’t give up on the Emacs book! We need evangelists like
    you to promote the use of Emacs and to praise the
    spectrum of uses for this wonder editor system!

    (daily Emacs user – mainly org-mode)

  • Sacha,

    Yes, you should definitely start from the front of the book.

    I don’t know if your book has a chapter about emacs lisp, but if you (can) have one, please go ahead.

    I have found Chassell’s book exeedingly verbose for an introduction and the gap between his book and the emacs lisp reference is really huge. I think there is a need for a “stroll through” approach to emacs list like the one in the second ediction of “Learning Perl”…



  • Yes, please finish your book. I’d have mine autographed by Sacha super energy.

  • Sacha, your job is important, so do it well and prosper.

    Take a break, and then re-discover your passion for Emacs and your book!

  • As a fairly new Emacs user wanting to learn how to get the most out of it, I’m certainly looking forward to reading your book! I hope you get inspired soon.

  • Christopher Giroir

    I’m also eagerly awaiting your book. Your excerpts/posts from the book have been extremely helpful :) The world definitely needs your book the way Lisp needed Practical Common Lisp.

  • Charles Cave

    I wrote an article on Remember mode (Emacs + org-mode).
    Feel free to use whatever you want from this article
    in your book.


    Hopefully I can inspire you to write more on Emacs!


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