Weekly review: Week ending Aug 31, 2008

Weekly review

Lots of learning this week!

The Cintiq tablet I ordered from Vistek arrived the very next day. After learning way too much about X.org in the process of setting it up, I’ve gotten it to work as a tablet and as a second screen. Hooray! Someday I’ll get GIMP and Inkscape to recognize pressure and the eraser tip, but for now, it’s good enough.

I used the Cintiq to quickly process and layout the pictures we took during the vacation. The last time I made a photobook, I used Shutterfly’s predetermined layouts. This time, I used the open source Scribus desktop publishing program to make everything from scratch. Now I just need to find a nice printer and binder who’ll take a PDF…

New dish of the week: pad thai, from a mix. It was okay.

We borrowed some magazines from the library and I flipped through them to get an idea of things I might play with this fall. My wardrobe’s already been tending towards warm earth colors, so maybe I’ll try playing with metallics.

At work: propagated a few good ideas, including persistent chat rooms; worked on accessibility.

Love: W- is totally awesome. =) This week’s reason: he hung up the memory scroll my friends and family had made for me before I left for Canada. =) Aww!

Next week:

  • More sketching and photography
  • Prepare presentation
  • Cook salmon and couscous
  • Sort out new sewing machine =)
  • I’ll be eager to hear how the Cintiq works out; I’ve been lusting after one for a while. I have a Wacom tablet that works very well for drawing – but the “draw here and look over there” thang is just SO much more awkward than a direct, draw-on-the-display way of working…

  • Hmm, I just went back and looked at your previous blog entries about this (idiotically, I JUST found your external blog…), and like you, I’ve been wrestling with the X61/Cintiq decision. It’ll be interesting to get your reaction once you’re a few weeks into it.

    Prediction: you’ll be addicted to the Inkscape (I sure love it…) on the Cintiq and trying to figure out how to get your manager to authorize an X61…

  • I love it! Love it love it love it. I think it’s probably better off for long-term use. I can throw more memory and more processing power onto the machine, while laptops tend to have a limited upgrade path.

    Being able to sketch at work would be Really Cool, though. I got my T60 only last year and I doubt that my manager’s going to okay a new machine right away. If I put together a good New Bee’s Guide to Web 2.0 at IBM and it gets picked up, though, maybe I’ll be able to show business reasons. =) Maybe I can have both!