Le Chat Gris

(c) 2008 Sacha Chua, Creative Commons Attribution CopyLeft License

She’s really not as sinister as this, but I think it’s a nice picture anyway. ;)

  • Great shot, I love it. Her flat face makes her almost human.

  • Wooo ! A title in French :).
    Nice cat Sacha, i hope too she’s not so … dark. :)

    PS : If she’s a ‘she’ your title would perhaps become ‘La chatte grise’ even if ‘le chat gris’ can work in a more general way.

  • Wow… menacing, yet regal in that thoroughly feline way.

    Perhaps time for me to adopt a kitty too. Last time we browsed the shelter, our favorite was one that looked nearly identical to our previous cat: orange and big-boned. I took that as a sign that we’re not yet ready to move on! :|

  • caption: “I HATE U NAO”