Weekly review – Sept 7, 2008

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Last week:

  • Prepared presentation for new media and new generation panel next week. Non-annotated slides up on Slideshare. Got featured on Slideshare home page. Growing as a presenter!
  • Finished accessibility-related issues, now working on other general issues. Growing as a developer!
  • Sorted out my October travel schedule – maybe Boston and Brussels. Ooh.
  • Took back-to-school pictures of Jessica with pretty good lighting.
    Yay flash! Now looking at more equipment: umbrellas, stands, etc. Growing as a hobby photographer!
  • Ordered a replacement phone: Nokia 3500.
  • Cat! Cat! Cat! Whee!

Next week:

  • Give panel presentation, answer questions in Washington, DC.
  • Kick off my Canadian visa renewal process, hope I get everything together in time. Would really love to go to Brussels.
  • Finish most of remaining issues for Transition2 project.
  • Make progress on Emacs book: at least five pages for w3 chapter (it’s only fifteen pages long, it shouldn’t be this hard!).
  • Cat! Cat! Cat! Whee!

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