Squee! Won Slideshare’s Best Presentation Contest!


My introduction-in-verse won the Slideshare Best Presentation Contest Category for “About Me”! Which probably means that at some point, I brought a smile to the illustrious panel of judges: Guy Kawasaki, Nancy Duarte, Garr Reynolds, and Bert Decker.

Hello, I'm Sacha Chua!

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I’m sure I’ll put the iPod Touch to all sorts of good use!

I had a lot of fun making the presentation on my Nintendo DS. I’ve since then given to my mom so that she can do yoga, but I upgraded to the Cintiq 12WX and it’s really fun to sketch on. Still, I feel very much like a fledgling artist:


As promised, I’ll be sending some of my favorite presentation books to one of the lucky people who voted for me. Hello, Randell! I’m looking forward to sharing Presentation Zen and Back of the Napkin with you. =D


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  • Enrico

    Congratulations on the win! I thought it was a great presentation. I look forward to seeing what you create with your new tablet. =)

  • Sacha,

    Congratulations on winning the Slideshar contest! I thought your
    presentation was engaging, fun, and the elegant economy of line
    was a refreshing change to fancy Powerpoint style affairs.

    Well done!


  • mom

    Wow – Guy Kawasaki! I’m sure the other guys are just as illustrious, but I’ve only read Kawasaki.

    You’re really wowing them! I am impressed!

    Much love,

  • Congratulations! That’s just cool!

    And I don’t know what else to say. Thanks Sacha! =D

  • jun

    Congratulations! A great masterpiece. Engaging, clear and fun – elements of a great and memorable slideshow/presentation.

    If only more people would follow your example, the message would not be lost in transition.

  • jayjay ferro

    Congratulations! I’m glad I signed up for slideshare just to vote for you. I thought it was a great slideshow which wasn’t too long, communicates clearly, and speaks to both nontechies and techie’s as well. Not to mention very creative. Looking forward to your next one!

    – JJ

  • Congrats! Discovered your blog while browsing slideshare.net. :)

  • joonhwan

    Sacha, You did quite a cute job and Congratulations!.
    Your voice sounds very lovely as well :-)

  • Wow!!!! So cool Sacha! I’m just now getting started with my homebrewcard and Nintendo DS.

  • congratulations! mabuhay ang filipina =)

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  • Congrats again–BTW, you liked my PDF… well, I liked yours, which is how I originally stumbled across you…

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