We’re adopting a cat!

W- and I are adopting a cat from the Toronto Animal Services shelter. Leia’s a medium-ish-haired black-and-white cat who’s somewhat shy. We’re going to bring her home on Wednesday, after she gets spayed, and we’ll take care of post-operative care.

It was so difficult to choose. I wanted to take them all! After we spent almost an entire afternoon looking at and playing with the various cats, we narrowed it down to a handful – all female cats around two years of age. Iggy was a brown-and-white tabby who purred constantly and loved rubbing her head against you. Sasha was a quiet cat with a classic tabby coat. Leia, the one we eventually chose, was a bit reserved, but used such a variety of sounds: high meows, soft mews, and chirps. And Angel, well, Angel was insane. ;) (Well, probably not clinically insane, but getting there!)

We ended up choosing Leia because she felt like the best fit. I joked that she’s probably like W- and me in cat form: fairly low-key (well, I’m like that when I’m not excited about something ;) ), with a slight build (some cats were huge!), and with a pretty big vocabulary we’re not afraid to use. ;)

I’ll post more pictures when we have her!

  • Virgil

    Good luck with Leia.

    We got a black male from living-free.org (near Palm Springs, CA) about six months ago. He chose us! When we visited he just walked up and said, “Pick me!” in meowspeak. He’s a cutie. He follows me around like a little dog and then he sits in the window and makes chirping noises at the birds. But we can’t imagine life without him.

    Bet you can’t wait for Wednesday.

  • OK, I’m confused – I thought you just adopted a stray (le chat gris)?

  • Good luck with your cat. We have the same situation. A nice young female stray cat has adopted my wife and they seem to be able to speak together. She seems to ask for more food all the time and she always leaves some in her bowl for a white cat who might be from the same litter. She is getting more domesticated, but remain very independent.