Cat scratching post

Last weekend was a weekend of making things. W-, J- and I built a scratching post for Leia, our cat. We took a 4×4 and wrapped it with sisal rope, sprinkling catnip between the coils. Leia loved it. She climbed up the 3-foot post easily, and we often found her precariously perched on the 4×4 end on top of it, all four paws crammed together.

So W- built an extension on top of the scratching post, screwing a short, flat piece of wood on top of the post end and covering the platform with a scrap of carpet.

Leia’s so spoiled. =)

  • Unknown

    We did the exact same thing, but used 4 posts and cut a hole in the center of the platform so he could run up through the center. Loves it! Sounds like Leia and our little guy would get along, both being spoiled brats. ;)

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