Learning about conviction and life

| life, reflection

One of the videos we watched last weekend was Ever After, which is my favorite Cinderella reimagining because Drew Barrymore plays a no-nonsense Cinderella who doesn’t wait for anyone to rescue her, isn’t pining away for a prince (or the fjords), and is a bit of a bookworm.

The prince is amazed–and a little perturbed–at how Cinderella lives with such passion and conviction. She’s alive in a way unlike her stepsisters, her stepmother, and all the people at court are not.

It’s tempting to let my passions lull, to lose them in the bustle of everyday, to moderate them in order to be like others, to fritter away time and energy. But I know what I love doing: I love helping people connect and collaborate. So I’m going to. =)

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