While I was in Montreal, Michael McGuffin told me about Cecile Licad, a Filipino pianist who's done some remarkable things. He told me about the time Cecile Licad was playing Rachmaninov in a concert, and the lights went out. She kept playing for more than a minute - beautiful, complex music - and when the lights came back on, the orchestra members scrambled to catch up. Thanks to YouTube, you can see it for yourself:

That made me think about what it's like to know something complex so deeply that you can do it without your notes. I don't have an eidetic memory and music isn't my strength, but I'm starting to enjoy the benefits of breadth and depth in areas like creativity, Linux, and PHP--and Drupal, more and more. Of course, many of the things I work on are... well... a lot more difficult to do without electricity (although I _have_ worked through code and presentations on paper!), and nowhere near as easy to enjoy as a good musical performance. But someday I'd like to be a virtuoso at these things. Maybe sewing, too...

Thanks to Michael for the tip!

  • Cecille Licad is indeed a musical genius and she’s my idol!