One of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media?

I’ve been nominated as one of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media in a poll run by Dave Forde, whom I know from the Toronto technology scene. It’s a little odd thinking about that, because I’m nowhere near the likes of Amber MacArthur (popular geek television / videocasting personality), Leesa Barnes (who made it onto a worldwide list of female social media luminaries), and Sandy Kemsley (prolific Enterprise 2.0 blogger well-known for her comprehensive live-blogged conference notes). Me? I’m a recent hire figuring things out and posting notes along the way. =)

I’ve stumbled across influence by being in the right place at the right time, maybe. My story is now woven into IBM’s story about social media, and we’re helping other large companies figure things out as well. I’ve given numerous presentations helping people figure out what Web 2.0 means for them and for their company, facilitated workshops for generating, developing and prioritizing initiatives, and done a fair bit of hand-holding to get people over their concerns. All of that is pretty cool, come to think of it, but what I’d like to do is make it possible for other people to do even cooler things.

Thinking about this poll on Canada’s most influential women in social media, I realized that I didn’t consider myself any way equal to all these role models I have here and around the world. =) I also realized that I had a pretty good idea of a future me that would feel perhaps at home in that list. So here’s what I think “influential” looks like for me:

  • I would organize regular events that brought together interesting people and helped people connect. These events would include workshops on social networking, storytelling and presentations, quarter-life crises, lifehacking and productivity, happiness, geek growth, personal finance, and other topics I’m interested in or passionate about.
  • I would also build a bit of infrastructure that would help transform the networking aspects of these events: sign-up pages with more details, aggregators to bring together people’s blog posts, business card prints and other in-person networking aids, active matchmaking both online and offline, and so on.
  • I would be one of those people that people mention their projects and ideas to in the off chance that I could recommend people to talk to, books to read, and sites to check out–because I would. =) In order to do this, I’d find ways to more effectively capture information to support a somewhat fuzzy associative memory. (It’s _so_ frustrating to know that you’ve seen something before that people will like, but not be able to find it again!)
  • I would help lots of people to figure out what their passion is, deepen their skills, and share the results with lots of people through presentations, new and existing businesses, and other good things. I’d do that by asking people, helping them connect and make things happen, and helping them find a forum or opportunity where they can talk to other people.
  • I would have a big archive of things I’ve thought about and shared with others so that I can pull useful resources out and give them to people.
  • I would build systems to make it possible for other people to do this kind of awesomeness as well. =)

So that’s what “influential” looks like to me. I’m not there yet, but I think I can get there. =) I can learn how to hold external events, and gradually get into the swing of it. I can keep blogging and summarizing interesting resources, gradually refining my collection of resources. I can keep tweaking my addressbook, and someday I’ll build systems to help other people try this out. =)

Stay tuned.

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  • I was not surprised to see you on that list. You’re influential in my book. Love the points you outlined on what you did to be perceived as influential. Although I did vote for myself on Dave’s list ;)

  • Duncan Mortimer

    Congrats Sacha! : )

    Your style of figuring things out while sharing your experiences and enthusiasm with the rest of us has certainly influenced my interest in social media ; )

  • Rubbish! You thoroughly deserve the nomination. You put 250% into everything you do and then share it with eveyone else with the other 250%. Right back to before you even officially joined IBM, you travelled (at your own expense!!!) down to a Greater IBM alumni event to help out and went down a storm.

    You are in the right place at the right time, because you are virtually omnipresent in the social media sphere – at least in IBM, which is a pretty big place. Not bad for a new hire.

    GO SACHA!!! You at least deserve a best newcomer award.

  • Excellent! A thoroughly deserved nomination. I learn heaps from you about social media, Sacha!

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  • As a customer, I can attest to the fact that Sacha was instrumental in getting Sun Life Financial started on the social media journey. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for social media is evident and we benefitted greatly from her ideas.

  • Thanks for all your wonderful words, and for how you’ve inspired me! =)