Riding on my bicycle; taking advantage of novelty

I spent the afternoon on my bicycle, taking care of errands and getting some exercise along the way. Or was that enjoying exercise, and taking care of errands along the way? It’s hard to tell with bicycles. =)

W- and I rode to the Mountain Equipment Coop store near Spadina and King. He wanted to look for breathable shoes for the summer, and I wanted to pick up bike lights. On the way there, I quickly became convinced of the necessity of getting gloves and a windbreaker. (I had fleece on, but it was sometimes too warm. On the other hand, there were a number of moments when I was glad I had that layer!)

After we had lunch at Burrito Banditos (the rebranded Burrito Boys W- has been going to for a long time), W- headed back home, and I took care of a few other errands. I passed by Designer Fabrics to buy buttons, and by theworkroom.ca to see if I could get some quick help on patterns I’d been trying to figure out. (No. Looks like I’ll need a private tutor for things like that.) Then I swung by Zellers on the way home to pick up lots of socks (I’m getting tired of not being able to match socks!), checked the post office (closes at 2 PM on Saturdays, apparently), and went home. =)

I had fun. I really appreciate being able to tiptoe my way through crowded junctions instead of precariously wobbling from a higher seat. I still don’t like hills, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of them with more biking. And I really like being able to enjoy the sunshine, go places, and take care of things.

Maybe it’s the endorphins. Maybe it’s the novelty. Whatever it is, if I can take advantage of that energy and use it to make biking (or exercise in general) part of my habits, that’d make life even better.

2 responses to “Riding on my bicycle; taking advantage of novelty”

  1. N says:

    Oh no!

    “I really appreciate being able to tiptoe my way through crowded junctions instead of precariously wobbling from a higher seat.”

    Are you saying that you can put your feet on the ground when your are sitting in the saddle? That is generally a sign that your bike isn’t adjusted properly!

    Proper bicycle adjustment is annyoing but totally worth doing. I’d recommend checking this out http://www.sheldonbrown.com/saddles.html

  2. Sacha Chua says:

    I have a Manhattan Smoothie. It’s designed so that I can get full extension while pedaling, but I can put my feet on the ground if necessary. The Electra Townies are similar. =)

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