More gardening

We spent most of this weekend thinking about and working on our garden. Laura’s going to think of what we can do with the two 6’x7′ patches we’re planning to turn into vegetable and herb plots. I’m thinking of growing nasturtiums in the front flower boxes, which are edible and pretty.

W- and I raided Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Rona. We picked up seeds for:

  • Thai basil – to grow indoors, all year round =)
  • coriander – to be grown indoors, all year round
  • snow peas – 2-3 sowings about two weeks apart
  • zucchini – 15 cm apart, to be thinned to 45 cm
  • mustard sprouts – to be grown indoors
  • nasturtium – for the front box
  • edamame – Mmm. I love these!

So J- and I are going to work on the starter pots over the next few days. If we’re lucky, they’ll germinate over the next couple of weeks, and then we’ll start planting them in the ground.

W- and his brothers grew up helping out with their parents’ garden, and they often enjoyed the harvest. Me, I’ve played with growing things a couple of times, but I haven’t really gone into it seriously. I really appreciated growing rosemary last year, though, so now I’m ready to try more. Herbs give almost instant gratification, and the vegetable plants will come up over the next few months. Looking forward to our first harvest!

  • Good luck with the edamame! Sounds like a delicious garden! When I started gardening, I tried sprouting seeds but I haven’t got the “green thumb” so to speak, so now I just use seedling vegetables… hope you guys fare better!!!

  • Good luck! Are you doing a raised garden? If you haven’t planned out your entire space yet, I really like these plans:
    Vegetable planner

    I wish I had room for a raised garden. Unfortunately, I’m without any yard so it’s challenged my creativity to still have a garden. However, I’ve managed to do some good container gardening this year. So far I’ve got pole beans, 10 tomato plants, carrots, 6 jalapenos plants and tons of herbs (basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint, chives, thyme, etc.). Though, the only thing I’ve done from seed are the carrots and beans. Everything else has been from seedlings. I think I’ll do some micro greens from seed here in a few weeks though.

  • Jenny Lisk

    You may want to consider installing a drip irrigation system. I just put one in for our new garden and it was super easy. You can get all the parts at home depot (or Think of it as delegating the watering :)

    I have a bunch of stuff I grew from seed in the seed starting station I build in my home office…it just went out in the garden a week or so ago. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, plus assorted herbs and some other things started from seedlings, and some seeds have been direct-seeded, and more to come…. :)

    Good luck!

  • Oooh, that garden planner is awesome! =D Thanks for sharing it! I can’t believe I didn’t think to check the Net for garden planning sites…

  • I’ve heard lots of good things about drip irrigation systems, and that’ll be more efficient and plant-friendly than the sprinklers we have now. Looking forward to putting those in!

    Do you have pictures of your garden? Would love to see it! =D

  • Jenny Lisk

    Hi Sacha, I put a picture of our garden on my facebook page!