Putting together an inspiration board

I asked one of my assistants to track down envelope images for the sewing patterns I have, and to send them all back to me with the pattern number as the filename. Then I created a large image using the free photo-editing program The Gimp, and I opened all the files as layers. Using my ever-so-wonderful Cintiq 12 WX, I moved the pictures around to organize them by type. I circled the patterns that I was happy with and crossed out the ones I tried and didn’t like as much, and then I added some more notes.

The result:
[Harrumph, I’ve lost my original inspiration_board.jpg].

Some patterns are missing, but I can fix that next time. =) Must make room!

  • I don’t find value in Photoshop, so I also have GIMP installed (on Windows, Mac and Linux machines). There’s more functionality there than I would ever use, because I haven’t taken the time to learn all of the photo manipulations. I’ve found Xnview as much as I can handle in retouching images.

    I’ve been watching out for advances in SVG over the past 5 years, and wish that it would become better adopted. My current thinking is to create drawings in OpenOffice Draw which can be exported to SVG and touched up with <a href=”http://inkscape.orgInkscape, because I’ve discovered that the other direction doesn’t work very well, and vector graphics drawn in OODraw are more portable than SVG.