New presentation: The Shy Connector!

I spent today making presentations and ginger snap cookies. A day well spent!

Here’s The Shy Connector, which builds on the previous blog post about shy connector tips:

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Share your tips on the original blog post! =) Feel free to pass this on to other people, too. I’d love to hear what they can add to it!

  • Sacha,

    In response to your twitter post, I would like to see more slides with the information spread out among them. Slide 2, 3, 6 were difficult for me to read and I had to make it full screen to read them.

    When I showed the presentation to a friend, those slides were kinda anti-climatic because I had to enter full screen mode while he was reading.

    Just a thought. :-)

  • True! I should precede it with a “view in full-screen” note or break it out into more slides. The three-part notes there could definitely be broken out into their own slides. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Hey Sacha,

    I really like this presentation, the tips & the little stick figures. :) I am an introvert myself and found it rather liberating to think of the ways I can network using my strengths instead of having to battle through my weaknesses every time.

    So thank you for this.

  • Wendy J.

    Thank you for your emphasis on sharing in this presentation – it is certainly something that can empower students who are shy – I really liked your tips about writing stuff down that you want to follow up on. As a newbie to web 2.0 and a bit of an introvert – I was wondering if you follow up on a tweet a few days later is that okay? I mean maybe nobody knows what you are talking about?

  • What excellent ideas in this presentation! I, too, am an introvert but I love to be connected to other educators. Great suggestions on a topic that applies to many people. Thanks.

  • This presentation is so true, so helpful and just so awesome that I can’t find the words to describe it.
    Just … wow :D

    Looking forward to more presentations like this one :)