I’ll never buy a Moleskine again


Hand-made notebooks are so awesome. Charo not only gave me a wonderful little notebook, she taught me how to make my own. I’ve got a feeling that this will be a lifelong craft. And it complements my interest in sewing, too. Now I can make notebooks that match my quirks and my clothes! ;)

She got interested in bookbinding because she couldn’t find the kinds of journals she wanted, so she decided to make her own. I’m so glad that she shared that interest with me!


  • Oops :-$

    I just read this post immediately after writing an email to you in which I ridiculed the idea of keeping task lists in paper format.

  • Alexander

    Could you please share with us how to make my own notebook ? :-)

  • Raymond Zeitler

    I’ll bet it looks a lot nicer than this:


  • Alexander: Try this coptic binding tutorial or other book-making tutorials on the Net.

    Brian: Don’t worry about that. =) Different tools fit different people! I prefer Toodledo/Org for my tasks and goals, although paper works really well for some people.

    Raymond: Yes, better and sturdier, too. ;)

  • Check out ‘Non-Adhesive Binding Books without Paste or Glue’ by Keith A. Smith http://bit.ly/63GzzG (Amazon link)

    It’s got tons of great bindings in it.

  • Seth: I sense a very deep rabbit-hole of awesomeness in this interest… =) Thanks!

  • Raymond Zeitler

    I followed the link for Coptic binding that you provided for Alexander. You latest comment, “a very deep rabbit-hole of awesomeness in this interest” is so right! I’m tempted to first hand craft a Barbara Sher “Scanner Daybook” now. But I don’t have a Daybook yet in which to jot the idea in! :)