Recovering from jet lag has been slow, but I think I知 on my way. My cold has lifted a bit. I知 no longer miserably sneezing into an endless series of handkerchiefs. I stayed up until 10 last night, although I occasionally dozed off standing up. I知 awake enough to make breakfast (today: grilled cheese sandwiches with nutmeg and tomato).

I知 still a little scatter-brained, though. Please bear with me as I get back on track.

There痴 a lot in store for 2010. I知 going to learn a ton about facilitation and training. I値l meet a lot of interesting people. I値l explore many different hobbies. I値l grow a lot, both professionally and personally.

This week is about getting my bearings. This month is about preparing the foundation.

The books have started pouring in from the Toronto Public Library, re-requested or reactivated after my vacation. That familiar itch has come back. I need to have unread books on the shelf, just waiting to be discovered. I need to browse whatever痴 at hand, learning random bits of knowledge.

Still a little unraveled. I need to collect myself. I haven稚 written in a while. I always get a little frazzled after a long time of not writing. Writing helps me create order. Sense-making.

Yesterday, I updated my social insurance number and applied for a health card. Slowly moving towards having a permanent identity here, instead of just a temporary one.

Next next Saturday, I値l take my cat to the vet for a check-up and registration.

Hmm, maybe I can filter my feed reader to remove any posts about personal branding.

Ah, a good stretch. I知 looking forward to my next bike ride. I might go out later. It値l be around 1辰, cloudy. It値l be good to be on a bicycle again.

Oh! There it is. That lightness of spirit, the bubbling of enthusiasm beneath the surface, no longer weighed down by the fatigue of the past few days. Not quite back to normal yet, but getting there slowly.

Things to look forward to: sewing, biking, tea parties, misc. crafts, figuring out what I知 going to do at work, getting things sorted out.